Case Study

Drive Forever

Inspired by dreams. Honda are synonymous with the joy and excitement of striving for and achieving dreams. Here they dreamed of creating a car you feel you could drive forever.
Trent's Vision
Honda inspire their audiences with Stamp crafting their stories.
Top Line
Honda Civc Type R became the best selling car in ts category.
Huge positive engagement on social and at point of sale.
Huge increase in customer and staff engagement

A story of heart


Following the engineers for 24 hours including their attempt on the record for front wheel drive cars. Our mission was to stay out of the way, and capture the emotion and passion of the Japanese engineering team. The end product generated an excellent ROI for Honda and earned us an honourable mention in the London Motor Film Festival against the greatest car commercials in the world.


The Nordschleife ("north loop") of the Nurburgring is the ultimate circuit. Testing for drivers and cars alike. It also tests us as filmmakers. We had to learn the track, we read books and conducted a thorough recce so by the time we filmed, we were able to capture the time attacks by the Honda team. We did this without control of the car or timings as our prime objective was to keep out of the way and allow the honda team to perform their roles.


The Honda engineering team achieved their dream and once again, became the record holders for the fastest front wheel drive car around the ring. Our film had to build on that success and deliver the story to the world. The film helped Honda outstrip their competition and was attributed to making them number one in the following two quarters according to their KPI's.

“Stamp were able to build a high level of trust within a sensitive environment from the offset. Their professional approach resulted in an unprecedented level of access – praise indeed given the technically challenging landscape facing the crew. The result was an emotionally charged, beautifully filmed piece of content that brought every viewer directly into the world of Type R.”

- Rachel Sheffield, European PR Communications Section Manager, Honda Motor Europe.

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