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Trent's Vision
Octopus, leading the way with Stamp In-House
Top Line
Increased content by over 300%
Decreased budget by over 20%
Huge increase in customer and staff engagement
Reduction in carbon footprint

See how Octopus Group are leveraging Stamp In-House as rocket fuel for their business.


Octopus is one of the most progressive and disruptive companies across the financial services and energy sectors. Founded in 2000, the company now has over 750 employees and manages over £12 billion on behalf of over 60,000 investors.

For over a decade, Octopus had followed the age-old production model, engaging agencies on a project-by-project basis. This process was proving to be expensive, time-consuming, and ultimately unsustainable. And so, true to its tagline, Octopus was in search of a brighter way of working.


Octopus needed a solution that was:

  1. Fast enough to handle regular demand for high-priority video content
  2. Versatile enough to produce content for a range of audiences and platforms
  3. Intelligent enough to offer informed consultancy and advice on video strategy
  4. Cost-effective enough to stay within budget, despite growing demand for video


The introduction of Stamp In-House has revolutionized Octopus’ content strategy. The on-demand video solution has truly elevated the quality and consistency of their communication, both internally and externally. What was once an expensive luxury for larger campaigns is now central to the way Octopus delivers information to investors, entrepreneurs, and its own employees.

What we have created

  • Campaign films
  • Explainer videos
  • Short-form social content
  • Recruitment assets
  • Testimonial films
  • Feature-length documentaries
  • Podcast interviews
  • Long-form webinars

… and much more.


“It’s helped us grow our social following, increased engagement with our website, increased downloads and also really brought to life our portfolio founder stories.”
Amelia Badeni | Marketing Manager, Octopus Ventures

Above and Beyond

The Stamp team has leveraged its experience with the likes of Red Bull to help Octopus develop its very own video guidelines. This has helped cultivate a consistent and recognizable brand across socials, allowing Octopus to stand out in a competitive financial market.

Working closely with the Octopus team year-round has given Stamp a clear appreciation for, and understanding of, Octopus’ wider marketing goals. This means Stamp is aligned with design, copy, and marketing teams from the outset, and no time is wasted explaining the fundamentals to new agencies each time a new project comes through the door.

On a more granular level, Octopus now has complete confidence in Stamp to deliver content that is entirely on brand. From the broader messaging to details on colours and fonts, Stamp is able to save Octopus hours and hours each month on unnecessary tweaks and revisions.


"Changed my perception of what is possible with video."
Jack Cracknell | Head of Impact and Sustainability, Octopus Group

“The content that we’ve put together has changed my perception of what is possible with video. Stamp makes the content feel very human and captures a lot of the emotion that it’s really difficult to capture through written word. As a means of telling stories across the organisation, video has been really powerful.”

Jack Cracknell | Head of Impact and Sustainability, Octopus Group

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